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When you're looking for the perfect gift, who says you have to limit your selection to just one item?

Sometimes, the best gifts come in baskets, full of hand-selected goodies that delight more and more as the recipient discovers another and another PERFECT gift! The delight on their face will clearly display a gift basket was the best choice for the occasion. But who has the time to sit and select the items, arrange them in a basket, figure out the decorating, and deliver it?

The answer is simple. Laurel Mountain Gift Baskets is your trusted source for gift baskets that feel personalized by you, leaving the recipient impressed and grateful. Consider us your personal shopping friends, who you can call and say "I need a basket for a birthday! He likes golf," and we handle the rest.

Some of our favorite baskets to make, also among our top sellers, are our cat and dog gift baskets. Be it a beloved pet's birthday or a holiday, or even a litter of new puppies; let us put together a special package for your special furry friend! We receive advice from our own lovable pup, who even writes his own blog!

Our human gift baskets are always a hit, and can be sent between personal friends, family, and even to show gratitude to your business partners or clients. Gift basket orders for your business can be an easy way to keep your name fresh in a new client's mind, or to thank them for a great year of business together. Whatever your need, we would love to create a personalized gift basket for you. Please feel free to browse our site, and contact us with any questions